This is the CreateTalk network area, supporting mission activity through the tools of the creative arts. Sponsored by the URC Mission Committee, it encourages the use of creative arts activities to enable closer connections between churches and their wider communities.

Below are a few sections to help.  The stories section describes some exciting projects to help you whet your appetite and see what can happen as we think about sharing faith through more than words.  The resources section gives you links to a number of information sharing networks as well as to people who could help in creative activity. In the Activities section, you’ll find  a few creative activities to get going in your own churches.

Some people in the URC have decided to be very engaged in CreateTalk, helping local churches to work within the CreateTalk framework. For them to chat and share ideas, they have their own space here on this site, the CreateTalk Enablers Network.

Do be in touch with the Mission office if you want more information.

This is where you can think through CreateTalk ideas.  The CreateTalk process document shows the before, during and after thoughts and gives some ideas.  This bit of the CreateTalk web presence is a Forum where you can ask questions and I and anyone else of us can give an answer.  You are welcome to ask anything - and dream anything.  Let's see what happens.


This is the network for people who enable CreateTalk type of activities. You may be any named role in the URC (an enabler, officer, worker, elder and more) or anyone with an interest in enabling mission when it's mixed with creative activity. In this network, you can share your budding activity and ask questions of each other. It's just for you, so you can ask what you want of each other.

Here are practical guides to run creative activities.  Most can be used in one-to-one situations, small or large groups as well as in public or wider community situations.  Each activity section has a guide to download which includes the purpose of the activity, lists of resources needed an dmuch more.

In this section are stories of direct CreateTalk projects or stories of projects which fit the CreateTalk idea.  They may inspire you to consider projects in your own church and community.

In this section are a range of other resources to help creativity based mission and worship.