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URCLE is the United Reformed Church Learning Environment.  This is a sharing place for peer to peer network structured courses and for some committee work.   Please visit the Welcome to URCLE space first to learn how to use URCLE (this will automatically appear in your 'My Courses' list for ease).

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    This space serves many purposes: welcome, help & administration.  In the Welcome to URCLE space we've put together some important information on how to use this and similar spaces in the URCLE environment.  Everyone who uses the URCLE has been automatically added to this space.  If you feel you don't need to use it, that's OK, but the resource remains here if you do. 

    Training for Learning and Serving is not so much a programme, more an experience.

    Through experiences of blended and flexible learning TLS helps people:

    • ENRICH their spirituality
    • EXPLORE the Bible, Theology and Contemporary thought
    • ENGAGE with those on similar journeys
    • ENJOY stimulating sessions of study
    • EMBARK upon a new direction in discipleship
    • And all this while EQUIPPING for Chrisitian mission and service
    • and ENCOURAGING growth in churches.

    TLS is a varied learning experience, offering opportunities for reflective and practical work; personal and group study; local and residential gatherings and basic to higher education levels of engagement.

    Whether you have some academic experience or none, TLS has a course that begins where you areFor more information about TLS, visit www.tlsonline.co.uk for the overview information on TLS.

    Set up to enable discussion of URCLE development within TLS

    A developing set of PowerPoint presentations and other materials offered as optional support materials for people enabling TLS Lite groups, we hope this will gradually grow, session by session and unit by unit.

    Study Skills

    Administration documents for all courses

    Training for Learning and Serving

    25 years of education

    Reflective Practice page

    Classic Courses- Foundation

    Classic Courses- Developing Community Experience

    Classic Courses - Evangelism

    Classic Courses - Experiencing Faith

    Classic Courses - Pastoral Care

    Classic Courses- Prayer

    The CLP will develop personal qualities, insights and skills for effective Christian Leadership.  Throughout the programme we seek to: 

    • situate Christian leadership within the context of vocation and ministry within the United Reformed Church
    • develop leaders who enable our United Reformed Churches to become communities of more faithful disciples, better equipped to share in the Missio Dei
    • equip participants with the habits of personal formation, knowledge and skills necessary for effective Christian leadership

    The 2017 Church Leadership Programme takes place fully face to face.  This space is a reference for registered participants.

    In this section are resources for children and youth freindly worship resources

    The URC's Child Friendly Church Award

    The CORE Skills course is aimed at those who work with children in a church/Christian setting.
    CYDO Discussion Forum

    Information on how to be accredited as a Peace mala group.

    Welcome to the EM2 Forum.  This is where you can ask each other questions, share resources and generally support and connect with each other.  All you do is click the 'add a new topic' and start writing!  An email will automatically be sent to each member of the forum, prompting people to visit, read the post and reply if wanted.

    Education for Ministry Phase 2 programme

    In this section is information shared with New Ministers in the URC.  It contains a wealth of information on policies, guides and funding.

    This section of Mission Enablers & Evangelists includes resources for Church Growth.  Largely material shared at the Church Growth Conference in the summer of 2013, it is a place to share those resources.  Go to the Forum to have conversations and use this section to download materials.

    This folder contains papers and powerpoints about mapping churches' activity in mission.
    This folder contains agendas, minutes and other documents for Mission Enablers Network Meetings.

    This is the network Forum for Mission Enablers and Synod Evangelists

    This is the Forum for RCL staffs.

    A series of sessions on meaningful things

    Conversations around John's presentation

    Weekly prayers

    Timetables, documents, forms and other information

    Big questions on spirtual themes through creative resources. Led and resourced by the ordinands

    Caring for men, pastorally.

    Celebrating 450 years of Shakespeare

    forms of writting

    What does it mean to lead?

    An induction residential for Ordinands

    This three-week course offers an introduction to learning activities of a participative nature: Contextual Bible study; Appreciative Inquiry; and Exploring Questions, Sharing Ideas.

    The three sessions are being held on Thursday 1, 8 and 15 March from 1.30 to 3.30 pm in Augustine United Church, George IV Bridge in the centre of Edinburgh.

    This is the open forum for staffs from Scottish College RCL

    Key issues in pastoral relationships including visitation, attentiveness and boundaries.
    Set up to enable discussion of URCLE development within ScRCL

    This is the Forum for synod safeguarding leads, some of them called Officers. Here is information for circulation to synods, information for sharing between yourselves, meetings agendas and notes, and working papers for various initiatives. 

    A selection of resources that have been, or would have been, published in what was originally called the 'Training Officers Manual'.

    TDO Meetings

    Church Leadership Programme details

    This course was designed by Yorkshire Synod to be used in local churches who want to develop their welcome.

    A forum style place where we can share and discuss learning opportunities, courses and events that might be of interest to colleagues.

    Various materials for training Interim Moderators either alone or in tutor-led groups.

    Materials for training Pastorate Partners for Church Life Reviews (or CASA) and Appraisal Partners for MASA.

    Information about the Discipleship and Ministries Learning Network of the Methodist Church

    A place to share information about forthcoming spring/summer school. 

    These are materials for work in churches aligned to the Thinking Ahead about... activities. These resources were collected from several events across Synods and may be shared with other Churches.

    A place where 'old' items from the TDO section of URCLE can be kept and stored in case it might be of some use in the future

    Introductory Course for those recently commended for EM1 training, lay preachers of other denominations seeking URC Assembly Accreditation, and other interested people.

    This section contains information about and to support our Vocations Fairs

    This is the space where we can share information about The Professionalism Game which we use for Safer Sacred Space update training and very much more.  We are joined in this Forum by Jonathan Coe, creator of the game, for his expert guidance and support.

    This is the work area for the Stepwise Faith Filled Life course. 

    Meeting of the Education & Learning Committee at Westminster College, Cambridge. Starts with lunch at 13.00 on Wednesday the 13th and finishes with lunch at 13.00 on Thursday the 14th.

    Extraordinary Meeting of the Education & Learning Committee, Monday 19 December 2016

    Education & Learning Committee, 20-21 May 2015

    Jan 2015 E&L Committee at Westminster College, Cambridge

    Papers for the Education & Learning Committee meeting on 24-25 September at Westminster College, Cambridge

    Ideas and concepts which emerge from time to time and which may be of general interest.
    The papers which will also go out to the people beyond the Education & Learning Committee who have been invited to this meeting.
    Papers for the May 2014 Committee. The papers will be added as they are ready and will all be posted by the end of Wednesday 30 April.

    Papers for the meeting of the Education & Learning Committee on 15/16 January 2014 at Luther King House, Manchester

    This is the section of E&L for EM2/3 Committee

    Papers for the September 2013 Education & Learning Committee

    Papers for the June 2013 meeting of the Education & Learning Committee

    Papers and notes for the Education and Learning Committee, LKH, 23-24 January 2013

    Free Churches Group, 27 Tavistock Square, London

    Invitations to tell Synods about 'Walking the Way'

    A  forum for MDTG/WtW discussions 

    Minutes of meetings of the Walking the Way Steering Group (previously Mission Discipleship Task Group)

    Papers for Missional Discipleship Task Group meetings

    The first pilot year of the course(2008-9) which was developed at a time when the URC was discussing the ministry of evangelists.

    A section to add questions to ask groups.

    A space to put all the definitions of discipleship

    Resources for and links to Missional Discipleship web information

    An introductory blended course on the United Reform Church

    Practical exercise for the post of Instructional Designer.

    This is the section for storing files for the Assembly Commission involved with C35. 

    This is the section for storing files for all who are involved with C35.