Courses and resources for Children and Youth Work.

This is a password-protected folder containing paperwork for the CYDO+ managers 

This section is available only to members of the Children's and Youth Work Committee and will contain documents for committee meetings 

This is an area for members of the team to share training resources they have developed or resources/notes from training they have been on. 

To have something included here, send it in an email to Lorraine and it will be put on as soon as is feasible. 

It's a good opportunity to share learning and other ideas. 

This section is for the Youth Executive only. 

It includes the induction pack together with documentation for meetings etc. 

Welcome to the Children's and Youth Work URCLE site. 

Here you will find resources related to children's and youth work -  some created by the URC team and others created by friends and partners in other organisations. 

This section is for Pilots Captains and other leaders of affiliated Pilots companies, for RPOs and the Pilots' Desk staff. 

Please use the password you have been given to access this. 

Please do not share this password with anyone outside the Pilots affiliated companies. 

This is the Affiliated Section for all FOFA groups. You will need to log in using the password which has been sent to you - please do not share this log-in with anyone other than the leaders in your affiliated group. 

CYDO Discussion Forum

Resources available to download/access by team members only