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      About Training for Learning and Serving

      Training for Learning and Serving is not so much a programme, more an experience.

      Through experiences of blended and flexible learning TLS helps people:

      • ENRICH their spirituality
      • EXPLORE the Bible, Theology and Contemporary thought
      • ENGAGE with those on similar journeys
      • ENJOY stimulating sessions of study
      • EMBARK upon a new direction in discipleship
      • And all this while EQUIPPING for Chrisitian mission and service and ENCOURAGING growth in churches.

      TLS is a varied learning experience, offering opportunities for reflective and practical work; personal and group study; local and residential gatherings and basic to higher education levels of engagement.

      Whether you have some academic experience or none, TLS has a course that begins where you are.

      For more information about TLS visit for the overview information on TLS.