Unit 1 - God

Introduction - Believing and trusting in God

This course is about the thinking involved in trusting God.

Thinking and talking about God is different from talking and thinking about Jill or Joe or Geology. But it is not entirely different.

Our ideas about Jill and Joe develop as we interact with them. Our ideas of God develop as we trust and act in faith.

We have the evidence from a landslip or of a cliff or quarry face for the solid geology under our feet. Without that evidence we would not dig a mineshaft. But digging the mineshaft gives us an even better idea of the geology.

We cannot see God, but people do have experiences of God. Some have recorded and reflected on these experiences, and we can dig into that record. Learning about God involves a cycle of received ideas and personal experience, rethinking and acting in faith, which in turn leads to fresh experience.

What we believe and how we trust change and develop in the course of experience and reflection.

This is what it is to do theology. Talking or thinking about God is 'theology'. Anselm, a theologian of a former age, called theology 'faith seeking understanding'.